Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's "Long Way Up" will be on ELECTRIC motorcycles!

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's


It's confirmed:

End Update.


So, first it started with Ewan McGregor being spotted in Buenos Aires, Argentina a few days ago. It was all over Twitter (in Spanish). 

ewan mcgregor in buenos aires

Fans wondered what he was doing there.

But we knew that Long Way Up was planned, didn't we?

So... we have been following hashtags and social media accounts in Argentina...

And.... some social media pictures appeared here and there showing the brand-new electric Harley Davidson (called the LiveWire) being uncrated in Ushuaïa (southern Argentina). 

harley davidson livewire long way up ewan mcgregor charley boorman

And they are ready for Argentina's cold weather:

harley davidson livewire long way up ewan mcgregor charley boorman

We know Ewan has a fetish for electric vehicles. He converted his old Volkswagen Beetle to an electric car and participated in a documentary about electric motorcycles called Charge (2011).

For us, it seems like too many coincidences. Way too many!

We are pretty sure Long Way Up is about to start and it's gonna be on electric Harleys. Yep... no BMW GS, no Triumph Tiger and no Moto Guzzi, we were all wrong!

It seems they uncrated 4 Harley-Davidson Livewires. Probably 2 for riding and 2 as backup.

harley davidson live wire world record electric motorcycle

Oh and wait...

if you are into electric vehicles, it gets better....

Two electric pick up trucks have been uncrated in Ushuaïa aswell. The 2 electric trucks are from a US brand called Rivian. 

rivian electric pickup trucks long way up

rivian electric pickup trucks long way up ewan mcgregor

And two Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4Matic (4x4) and a Ford F350 (V8 6.2) probably carrying the spare parts and the extra juice needed to recharge the  4 Harley Davidson LiveWires along the way.

The Rivian electric cars are supposed to have a range of approximately 400 to 600 kms (250 to 370 miles). Which means, they will be fine most of the way but sometimes, such as in the huge Salar of Uyuni (salt flats), Bolivia, the 2 Mercedes Sprinter and the Ford 350 will be needed to carry some additional electric capacity to charge the electric trucks and the bikes. 

See more about the Rivian R1T trucks coming on this adventure on www.rivian.com or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rivian 

See more about the Harley-Davidson LiveWire here: https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/motorcycles/livewire.html

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4Matic (4x4)

Ford F350 (V8 6.2)

We will keep you updated on our facebook and instagram whenever we get more info!

Good luck to Charley, Ewan and their camera crew! What an epic adventure!


10 commentaires

  • Jamey Hastings

    It’s truly amazing the distances you 3 have traveled on bikes. I wish you guys the best. Be safe.

  • Dave Haberman

    Awesome trip.

    I’m 63 & have owned over 70 different bikes (Ducati, KTM, BMW, Triumph, HD & every Jap brand). I’ve travelled from Alaska to Baja, Eastern & Western EU and parts of Asia.

    A couple years ago I bought a Sur-ron & an Oset – and these little E-bikes are a blast!!

    It’s heartwarming to see more E-bikes coming to market and these boys putting them to the test for us.

    Best of Luck, Ride Safe!!

    And a Big Shout Out to HD

  • Lawrence Rhodes

    Good luck with your trip. However it would have been more impressive using nothing but solar which could have been done with a little more planning.

  • Brett Campany

    What an epic challenge to take on! This is awesome, can’t wait to follow the journey!! Can I come along and be your Instagram guru for the trip?!? Ride safe team!

  • John Riel

    Good luck what happens to the bikes when they are done.

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