2021 BMW F 850 GS (Adventure) & F 750 GS: What's New?

2021 BMW F 850 GS (Adventure) & F 750 GS: What's New?

One of the most underrated lineups in the BMW family, the F 750 GS, F 850 GS, and F 850 GS Adventure often lurk in the shadows of its big brother, the R 1250 GS.

But to dismiss the smaller, lighter little sibling would be doing yourself a major disservice, especially as all three get a further refinement for 2021. Here, we’re going to walk you through the changes.

What hasn’t changed

First off, let’s start with the central component that hasn’t changed – the engine. All three models get BMW’s latest 853 cc parallel-twin. It’s a sprightly little thing, with four valves per cylinder and liquid-cooling. It burns clean, too, thanks to BMW thinking ahead and meeting tightening Euro 5 emissions requirements that are on the horizon.

According to BMW, the F 750 GS two-cylinder generates 77 hp at 7,500 rpm and 83 Nm at 6,000 rpm, while the F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure make 95 hp at 8,250 rpm and 92 Nm at 6,250 rpm. Both pull away cleanly, with enough power on tap to have a good time. Two counterbalancers ensure you hardly feel any vibrations at the bars, too.

Across the board, all three models now get LED turn indicators as standard, as well as a USB charging port at the front right of the cockpit (previously an option). Standard safety features now get upgraded to include ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).

And now for the changes, starting with the F 750 GS.

2021 BMW F 750 GS Details

F 750 GS

Three obvious changes for the F 750 GS are some new colors: Light white, San Marino blue, and a “40 Years GS Edition.” Starting with Light white, you’ll also see black trim all over, with the seat getting black and red accents.

The San Marino blue has a metallic finish for some extra sparkle in the sunshine. A tinted windscreen, granite grey metallic wheels, silver handlebars, and a black-grey seat add some contrast and pop.

Lastly, the “40 Years GS Edition” is extra flashy, with the “40 Years GS” logo splashed prominently across the fairings to celebrate – you guessed it – 40 years of the GS.

Yellow hand guards and a black/yellow seat with the GS logo all harken back to the original R 100 GS. Black wheels, silver handlebars, and a galvanized radiator cowl finish off the look.

2021 BMW F 850 GS special Lone Rider Blog

F 850 GS

Just like the F 750 GS, the F 850 GS also gets three new colors: Racing red, Rallye style Racing blue, and a “40 Years GS Edition” just like the 750.

With the Racing red paint, black forks, wheels, and a black/grey seat contrast with the red bodywork.

Move to the Racing blue metallic color and you have a color that shines in the sun. You also get black forks and a black/red seat for contrast. Gold rims also offset and complement the rest of the colors nicely.

Since we spoiled the secret with the 40 Years GS Edition on the F 750 GS, it’s not a surprise to find it also on the 850. Much of the treatment is the same, too, with the “40 Years GS” logo across the side. Yellow handguards, gold rims, and a black/yellow seat are also seen again on the 850.

An added bonus is an adjustable windscreen and a TFT display featuring connectivity functions.

2021 BMW F 850 GS Adventure Lone Rider Blog

F 850 GS Adventure

We’ll work backward with the F 850 GS Adventure and start with the “40 Years GS Edition.” Like the others, you’ll find the “40 Years GS” logo on the sides, yellow handguards, and black/yellow seat. The TFT display and connectivity are also available on the 850 GS Adventure.

After that, we find the F 850 GS Adventure comes in an Ice grey livery that’s subtle yet flashy. Black accents round out the visuals here. The next color is Kalamata (like the olives) in a matte finish that sets off nicely with the gold wheel rims and fork tubes. For those who want a little bit of flash, but not “40 Years GS” flash, Kalamata is a good option.

BMW Optional Equipment

All three bikes get the Pro riding modes as optional equipment, just like the big boxer-engined GS models, meaning Dynamic mode has been reworked for crisper throttle response. The Pro Riding mode now features dynamic engine brake control and the ability to pre-assign up to four riding modes from the right handlebar control. All three models now have the option for either a low or high seat.

For the ultra-serious off-roader, the BMW Motorrad Accessories catalog now includes, for the F 850 GS and 850 GS Adventure, a mount for the BMW Motorrad Navigator above the TFT screen. This was something previously reserved exclusively for GS trophy machines and deployment vehicles.

Finally, since manufacturers are no longer allowed to fully turn off ABS, BMW’s Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes offer advanced off-road-capable ABS. The ABS function can still be switched off on the rear wheel in Enduro Pro riding mode (BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure only).

Concluding Thoughts

Consider the changes to the 2021 F 750 GS, F 850 GS, and F 850 GS Adventure refinements to an already polished package. Some might say these bikes simply got new colors, but is there anything wrong with that? These new graphics are definitely easy on the eyes. That’s important to many people who stare at their bikes long after they’ve ridden it. And if you’re a fan of the GS history, then the special 40th-anniversary livery will have a special meaning to you.

Beyond the color options, being able to tap into the Dynamic Riding Modes will open up the trio of motorcycles and deliver exciting levels of power. What do you think? Did BMW tastefully refine this trio of motorcycles? What else would you like to see? Tell us below.